BONES Reds Bearings Roller Derby Quad Skates 7mm 627 size for 7mm Diameter Axles

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BONES Reds Bearings Roller Derby Quad Skates 7mm 627 size for 7mm Diameter Axles
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7mm Bearings
Contents: 16 bearings

16 brand new Bones "Reds" bearings made by Powell skateboards, with non-contact, frictionless, rubber shields which are easily removable allowing easy maintenance/re-lubrication. The shields are looser fitting allowing the bearings to spin easier and the cage is nylon, not metal as in most bearings. This drastically reduces drag resulting in super fast spinning bearings, perfect for Roller Derby and quad skates
Don't ask what ABEC rating these bearings are as they are not ABEC rated, that is they don't even score one! They are built looser to spin easier...perfect for boards/skates but not for industrial machinery. What do you want your bearings for?
Skaters in the know rate these bearings very highly though just prooving that ABEC means nothing in skateboard/skate terms. These bearings(8mm ones) are in my ramp/park board and have been for years, when they are worn out they'll be replaced by more "Reds".

These are to fit on 7mm diameter axles (627 bearing size) and NOT the regular 8mm (608 bearing size).

They will fit on many hockey skates, figure skates and some Roller Derby skates...if your axles are smaller than your friends skates they are probably 7mm...your search for bearings could be over!

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